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Women from the 1920s around a kitchen table.

How To Collect Family Recipes: Inspiration From The Library’s Cookbook Collection

Six teenage boys dancing on the roof of a building in a city

Celebrating Fifty Years of Hip-Hop with Children’s Literature and Activities

Poppy wreaths at a war memorial in England.

Make a Poppy: Crafts and Remembrance for Veterans Day

The inside of the convention center with a sign for National Book Festival and many visitors carrying bags walking in front of it.

A Teen “Take” on the National Book Festival: Teens & the World’s Injustices with Lesa Cline-Ransome & Jennifer De Leon

volunteers in blue "event staff" shirts roll up brightly-colored National Book Festival posters

A Teen “Take” on the National Book Festival: Accidental Spies with John Lisle and Janet Wallach

A tree with pieces of paper tied to it with written wishes

Granting a Wish: A Journey Around the World

Four teenagers stare up at the grand dome of the Library of Congress.. The students are standing on an overlook and wearing business-casual clothes. The beautiful windows and arches of the dome are visible.

The Library’s High School Internship Program 2023, Part Two

Can You Solve It? Attend Family Mystery Day On October 21

A cluster of pawpaw fruits on a tree.

Pawpaw: The Story of America in One Fruit