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Here is One Resolution You Can Keep

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It’s been three weeks since you toasted to the new year and made a fresh list of resolutions. Who cares that your coffee-stained 2014 list is somewhere crumpled up next to your unused gym shoes at the back of your junky closet? Forget about that. This time it’s for real. This year you will …

Quit smoking.
Eat healthier.
Lay off the caffeine.
Hit the gym.
Hit the gym more.
Search for a more-fulfilling job.
End a bad relationship.
Start a new relationship.
Clean that junky closet.

Or something along those lines, right?

There is a myth that says, “It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.” If this were true, you should now be locked in to your new, smoke-free/fit/caffeine-free/fulfilled/organized self. Research refutes this myth, however, and shows that it actually takes much longer to develop or resist an automatic behavior. So if you have already broken your 2015 resolution(s) or fallen off of the proverbial wagon, don’t be discouraged. Here is a fail-proof resolution for you that is fulfilling to boot:

Interview a veteran for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

This you can definitely do today. Find out how at As for the rest of your list, there’s always tomorrow.

Share your 2015 resolutions in the comments section below, and let us know if you plan to add this one.

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  1. Great idea

    • Ms. Wilson, thank you. I hope you will add this to your list for 2015.

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