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Tracking Lomax’s 1952-53 Spain trip

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Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita is the current scholar in the Jon B. Lovelace Fellowship for the Study of the Alan Lomax Collection, and has been using her time at the Library of Congress to explore materials held at the AFC related to Lomax’s 1952–53 field recording trip to Spain. In this recent guest post on the Kluge Center blog she describes the cataloging and metadata work she has been doing, and explains how it will help connect Lomax recordings with collections of traditional song transcriptions held by the Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona.

In addition to the research she reports on in the post, Ascensión has built skills with GIS tools by creating a ‘story map’ charting Lomax’s travels in Spain. The map draws from online audio-visual material hosted by the Association for Cultural Equity, but all of the original items are held in the Archives at the American Folklife Center.  Visit her map here.

Screen shot of Lomax story map
Screen shot of Lomax story map


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