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Readers in Higher Education: Please Take AFC’s Survey!

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A teacher writing on the blackboard of the Ataturk School in New York City, New York, 1982. Photo by Lance Tarhan. See the archival image here, as part of the online Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools in America Project Collection (AFC 1993/001).

Calling all college and university educators: we want to help you, and need to know what you need! Please take our survey here!

To be more precise about our survey, it is aimed at professors, instructors, librarians, and practitioners who are teaching classes in folklore, ethnomusicology, American studies, area studies, and allied fields. We want to connect you and your students to our archival collections and online resources, and offer tools for selecting and integrating resources into your teaching.

In a previous blog post, available at this link, we announced our intention to enhance and expand our outreach to higher education, making our resources more accessible than ever before to the college and university community. (That post also includes many helpful links to get you started.) As I mentioned in that post:

We’re developing online tools for instructors, to help you easily access our extensive digital collections and related resources. The first step will be a survey of our friends in higher education, to figure out how we can best help you. We’re also working on subject guides, a story map, and other tools to put what you need at your fingertips.

We’re happy to say we’ve been moving forward on all these initiatives. Most importantly, the survey is ready and we’d be thrilled if you’d take it–here’s the link again!

Use the survey to let us know how we can best share our resources for you in your higher education teaching and learning. Please share it with colleagues too–the more we know about what teachers need, the better!

Many thanks!  We hope we’ll hear from you in the survey results.


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