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Which One Do You Love Most?

It’s Valentine’s Day. It seems everyone has love on their minds today—at least half of us, anyway. Last year, the National Retail Federation predicted that 54.7% of the United States adult population was planning to celebrate the holiday with their significant others, friends or pets to the tune of nearly $20 billion. Yes, billion with a “b!” This year, the Veterans History Project (VHP) has something you can do for Valentine’s Day that won’t cost you a dime. You can thank us later.

VHP and the Library of Congress Graphic Design Office are working together to create some new bookmarks that help encourage people to participate with VHP, while providing a sample of what’s inside the archive beyond oral histories. With more than 110,000 collections and counting, it was tough to pick just a handful of images that cover the wide breadth of photographs, correspondence and creative works VHP holds. So, we narrowed them down to two handfuls. Here’s where you, dear reader, come in. Out of the 10 images below, let us know which one you love most. If you have a one- to four-word catch phrase to go with it, send us that too [i.e. Hurry up and wait!]. We will use the most popular images on the new bookmarks.

Let us know your choice in one of the following ways by Friday, March 1:

  1. reply in the comments section below; or
  2. send a quick email to [email protected]; or
  3. stop by the VHP Information Center (Jefferson Building, room LJ-G51) and tell us in person.

It’s just that easy! It won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time, and it doesn’t require a “plus one.” You’re welcome.


Sepia photo of woman in uniform with legs crossed, resting face on hand

Frances Wills Thorpe seated in uniform. Frances Wills Thorpe Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/37683.


Man in uniform eating donuts

Dennis J. Sullivan eating donuts provided by the Salvation Army in France. Dennis J. Sullivan Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/28523.


Illustrated envelope depicting a service member begging an officer..

Illustrated envelope. Sumner Grant Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/20970.


Woman in Army uniform standing by a tank and giving a thumbs up

Cristina A. Frisby in Army uniform. Cristina A. Frisby Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/53197.


Black and white photo of man and his heart-shaped sunglasses.

Sergeant McCoy in heart-shaped sunglasses. Aldo Stephen Panzieri Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/31863.


Black and white photo of soldiers playing poker at a table

Joe Thompson, Jr. playing poker in France. Joe Thompson, Jr. Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/9437.


Color photo of man in uniform leaning on information truck.

Charles Evert Pulliam in Army uniform leaning on information truck in Bosnia. Charles Evert Pulliam Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/10733.


Color photo of man with prosthetic legs holding onto railing in hospital setting.

Joseph Arden Beimfohr standing on prosthetic legs. Joseph Arden Beimfohr Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/54904.


Color photo of Women in Marine Corps uniform standing in  desert.

Dawn Maria Alvarez Stratton in Marine Corps uniform standing in Bahrain desert. Dawn Maria Alvarez Stratton Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/39172.


Sepia portrait of man in Coast Guard uniform.

Reby Cary seated in Coast Guard uniform. Reby Cary Collection. Veterans History Project, AFC2001/001/58790.

We’ll be excited to reveal the chosen images on Friday, March 15, and begin sharing the printed bookmarks later in the spring. Thanks in advance for letting us know which one you love most!


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