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A man playing a guitar and singing to a close crowd of a dozen or so men and women

Herstory, ‘Crowded Wartime Washington’ and the Code Girls Reunion

Posted by: Lisa Taylor

The following is a guest blog post by Sally Sims Stokes, the daughter of World War II “Code Girl” Jean Ashby Sims. “Dear Library,” my mother begins the World War II memoir she completed in 2008 for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. This salutation was her way of responding, as if in a …

The Family of Far Away Moses: Tourism, Commerce and Folklife in the 19th Century

Posted by: Stephen Winick

In my first post about the fascinating character known as Far Away Moses, whose face adorns the outside of the Jefferson Building where the AFC is located, I covered the basics of his life and mentioned some of the ways in which his story became part of the folklore of the late 19th and early …