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Homegrown Plus: Gabriel Muñoz and Melodias Borinqueñas

In the Homegrown Plus series, we present Homegrown concerts that also had accompanying oral history interviews, placing both together in an easy-to-find blog post. (Find the whole series here!) We’re continuing the series with Gabriel Muñoz and Melodias Borinqueñas, an ensemble from New Jersey performing Puerto Rican folk music. The group is led by Gabriel Muñoz, a […]

Folklife at the International Level: the Roots of Intangible Cultural Heritage Part III

This series of blog posts has turned to looking more closely at the roots of the ‘intangible cultural heritage’ (ICH) concept, laying a foundation for examining the global policy – and thereby framework – from which it draws its strength: the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the United Nations […]

‘If I Could Only Get My Mind Back To Normal’: PTSD in the Aftermath of WWI

The following is a guest post by Matt McCrady, Digital Conversion Specialist. United States participation in World War I lasted a little over a year, from April 1917 to November 1918, but the cost would be deeply imprinted on the entire history of the 20th century and the lives of the individuals who fought in […]

New Online Exhibit: Personal Snapshots: Picturing the Vietnam War

Today, the Veterans History Project (VHP) debuts the newest installment of our online exhibit, Experiencing War, entitled “Personal Snapshots: Picturing the Vietnam War.” While curating this exhibit, I was reminded of Tim O’Brien’s brilliant collection of wartime stories, The Things They Carried. One scene in particular connected with the exhibit’s subject: Many years after the […]

Botkin Folklife Lectures Plus: Burt Feintuch

In the Botkin Folklife Lectures Plus series, we’ll present selected lectures in our Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lectures series that also had accompanying oral history interviews, placing both together in an easy-to-find blog post. (Find the whole series here.) We’re inaugurating the series with one of last year’s most fascinating lecturers, the late Burt Feintuch, who […]

Happy Blogiversary and Happy Halloween!

Happy Blogiversary!  As our longtime readers may recall, the first post on Folklife Today was posted five years ago today for Halloween 2013. That means we’ve been around for five whole years! All of us at Folklife Today would like to thank all the readers out there who have read our posts over the years. We’d also […]