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Eleven Stanford University football players set in formation with center waiting to snap ball to quarterback. Cartoon illustration bracketing either side of main photo.

1902 Rose Bowl: First College Bowl Game

Posted by: Mike Queen

Political cartoon showing the new President Franklin Roosevelt opening a door to previous President Herbert Hoover. Hoover is depositing a basket with a flailing baby in at the doorstep. Exclamations come from the basket including bank problems, unemployment, war debts, budget, and farm problems. The caption of the cartoon is 'it's his baby now'.

Lost and (Almost) Found: An Orphan Political Cartoon

Posted by: Joanna Colclough

Fighters from Mars title illustration in New York Evening Journal that appeared at the beginning of each installment

H.G. Wells’ Fighters from Mars?

Posted by: Mike Queen

Top half of a newspaper page with the title Apache Drumbeat, and visible headline that reads Issue on Education.

Searching Native American Newspapers in Chronicling America

Posted by: Malea Walker