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Eleven Stanford University football players set in formation with center waiting to snap ball to quarterback. Cartoon illustration bracketing either side of main photo.

1902 Rose Bowl: First College Bowl Game

Posted by: Mike Queen

For college football fans, the end of year means bowl games! To get you into full football mode, let’s take a look at how the very first bowl game, the “Granddaddy of Them All,” got off the ground. The 1902 Tournament of Roses football game, known today as the Rose Bowl, was the first post-season …

Fighters from Mars title illustration in New York Evening Journal that appeared at the beginning of each installment

H.G. Wells’ Fighters from Mars?

Posted by: Mike Queen

Does that title above look a little off to you? It should. H.G. Wells’ science fiction classic War of the Worlds has been adapted many times since the novel’s original released in 1898. Fighters from Mars, however, is one of the earliest versions serialized in a newspaper or magazine and is most definitely not a …