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Black, white and grayscale illustration of three women standing and two children sitting preparing food. The woman on the left side is mixing batter in a bowl. The woman in the middle is taking a steaming pie out of the oven. The woman on the right side has her back turned and is preparing food at a counter. The text on the bottom of the image says preparedness for the coming feast days.

Historic Holiday Desserts from Around the World

Posted by: Malea Walker

From the feared fruitcake to the mysterious figgy pudding, the winter holidays are a wonderful time to get creative in the kitchen. It may surprise you to learn that many familiar holiday recipes have traveled several centuries and continents from their origins to end up on our tables. Please enjoy these festive recipes from the past and find more to savor in historic newspapers on Chronicling America.

Headshot of Courtney smiling.

Junior Fellow Spotlight: Courtney Murray

Posted by: Malea Walker

This summer, Junior Fellow Courtney Murray researched and wrote essays about African American newspaper titles available in the Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers database. In 2021, the Library began to digitize a collection of miscellaneous 19th and early 20th century newspapers from the Black American press. Murray wrote ten well-researched newspaper history essays that represented significant titles from this collection. In this interview, Murray shares her research interests and background, her internship experience, and more about the project.