The 4th of Free Comic Books

This year May the Fourth, a day to revel in all things Star Wars, coincides with Free Comic Book Day, an annual celebration of comic books!

Covers of Star Wars Free Comic Book Day issues: Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (2004); Star Wars (2005); Star Wars (2006); Star Wars (2012); Star Wars and Captain Midnight (2013); Star Wars Adventures (2018).

And on this May the Fourth, we’re particularly remembering Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew who died on April 30, 2019. He made Chewbacca one of the best-loved Star Wars characters.

Covers of Chewbacca, no.1 (2000); Chewbacca, no. 1 (2015).

Will you be headed to your local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day? We certainly will! If you don’t get a chance to get there – you can always see what we have in our collections. Star Wars comics? Yep. Free Comic Book Day comics? Check. And we’ll be adding 2019 Free Comic Book Day issues to the mix as well.

Cover of Marvel Special Edition. Star Wars, no. 1 (1977).

Covers of Free Comic Book Day issues: Archie (2003), Adventure Time (2018), Help the CBLDF Defend Comics (2018), DC Kids (2009).












If you can’t make it to see the Library of Congress comic collection in person, you might see what your local library has for you – chances are they have some comics.

I thought I might also take a moment to mention that Headlines & Heroes is turning one! A full year of mysteries, crime, holidays, newspapers, and of course, comics! We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts this past year, and we have some great posts planned for this upcoming year!

Harlem Hell Fighters: African-American Troops in World War I.

Al Capone and the Lindbergh Baby.








Helen Keller: Activist and Orator.

We welcome suggestions for future posts – if you’ve got a burning curiosity for some news or comics, share it with us!









Harlem Hell Fighters: African-American Troops in World War I

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World War I: A Wartime Clipping Service Update: All 400 Volumes Now Online

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