Those Fluttering Flappers!

The flapper bursts onto the American scene in the early 1920s and becomes America’s post-Great War aesthetic ideal.  She’s daring, with a sassy and independent spirit and exists at a time when the entire world’s a stage—and she’s the “It” girl. This new modern girl might drive cars, smoke cigarettes, vote, drink hooch, and kick […]

May the Fourth Be With You!

For those of you celebrating #StarWarsDay on this May 4th, we thought we’d geek out with you a little bit by showing off some of the amazing items from the Library of Congress’ Comic Book Collection - did you know that many of your favorite characters have their own comics? Of course, we also have the original […]

Breaking News: Introducing Headlines and Heroes

Imagine 29 miles of shelves filled with newspapers from all over the world. That’s enough to stretch across 425 football fields. Almost enough to sink the Titanic. That’s what you’ll find in our collection plus millions of digitized pages of newspapers in Chronicling America. And holy comic books, Batman! We’ve got more than 145,000 issues of […]