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In Good Company: John Adams and The ‘Fonz’

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Everyone around here is talking about Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and Halloween celebrations, but there is another bit of exciting news that warrants some attention this weekend.

Drum roll, please….

Robert Frost, poet poses with his birthday cake on his 85th birthday

The ‘Inside Adams’ blog celebrates its first birthday.  We launched this blog on October 30 to coincide with the birthday of our founding father and namesake of our building, John Adams.

We also share this birthday with some other notable personalities that deserve a ‘shout out’:

We give thumbs up and an “Aaay” to Henry Winkler (b. Oct. 30, 1945), who played the cool Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on the TV sitcom Happy Days.

We say thank you to the iconic muscleman Charles Atlas (Oct. 30, 1892- Dec. 23, 1972), who showed us a 97-pound weakling can become a muscleman hero, too.

We hold our lighters high for Grace Slick (b. Oct. 30, 1939) who helped pave the way for female rock stars.

We also wish to express our gratitude to you, our readers. We appreciate your subscribing, reading, and commenting on ‘Inside Adams’. Speaking of comments, we would like to know what you think about the blog in general. Are there topics you would like us to cover in the next year? Should we post more frequently?  We value what you have to say, so send us your suggestions. We look forward to what this next year holds for us.

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