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Pic of the Week: Thankfully it is April 15?

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Income Tax, c. 1920

Usually, today would be tax filing day but because of the District of Columbia holiday Emancipation Day, filers have an extra weekend to file.  I thought today would be an appropriate day to feature a tax-themed photograph from the past.


  1. Pay Tax and Relax

    We are taxed 
    As we use our Hands 
    Our Brains 
    Our Hearts

    So to say… 
    We are taxed 
    Even for our hobbies…as art 
    We are taxed for our soulful stanzas
    Without earning any cent
    Still we are taxed… 

    Where ever we go 
    The tax sheet must reach us.
    Even…our cohort will be taxed 
    While throwing roses on our graves…

    Some Gulf states have no Tax 
    If there is no Tax there is a daily dust 
    Dust blinding every men sight
    So they can’t see yet sign taxman’s sheets

    What you gained in a desert
    Might get vanish in seconds 
    With out asking you 
    To pay tax…

    So better to pay tax 
    Than escape— 
    Remembering your cloths
    On the desert sands

    Don’t escape from paying tax 
    Tax means you are alive 
    Can smile…can dance
    Struggling on sea waves

    So enjoy life 
    And pay happily your tax
    Consider it as a tip to barman
    Who is waiting to serve you
    And give you a joyful sense to relax…!


    April 15, 2011

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