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lights are on in the windows about the steps that go up the front
John Adams Building at Night, South Side (11/27/2013).

Pic of the Week: Temple of Knowledge

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With the end of Daylight Savings Time my walk home after work is in the dark. During one of these walks I was captivated by the beauty of the John Adams Building all aglow with its outdoor lights and had to capture it with a photograph, well actually my iPhone.

I like to refer to the John Adams Building as a Temple of Knowledge.  As you can see by this picture it resembles a structure from ancient times (replace the electric lights with oil lamps). In fact, the architecture of the Adams Building is modeled after a ziggurat with its receding levels and flat roof. Check out  Theodor Horydczak’s photograph of the Adams Building (Annex) taken from the roof of the Jefferson Building which shows the ziggurat influenced design.


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