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Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

Loving the Stars- Telescopes, from Galileo to James Webb

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Today’s post is from science reference librarian  Margaret Clifton.  She is also the author of Saving Energy: The Fall Back Position, Stars in his Eyes and Sun Spots this Summer.  I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night – Sarah Willams (1837-1868)* In February of 2010 I wrote a post  for Inside …

Black and white photograph of librarians, mostly women, working with catalog cards in the Processing Department of the Library of Congress.

The Ambitious Girl

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

This week I have been relocating to a new office. This is my first move since I joined the Library over ten years ago and boy have I accumulated a vast collection of files and paper. Many of these files have been buried away and it takes a move like this for some interesting stuff …