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Live Tweeting of April 16th Mars Curiosity Rover Lecture. Can’t attend? Tweet your questions!

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Flyer for Extraterrestrial Real Estate Assessment: Measuring Habitability on Mars with the Curiosity Rover with Dr. Pamela Conrad.

I do not need to convince you that the interest in the Mars Curiosity Rover is sky-high!  On Tuesday April 16, 2013 we are hosting a lecture at the Library with NASA’s Dr. Pamela Conrad who will discuss habitability on Mars based on findings from the Curiosity Rover. For those of you who cannot attend, our Twitter account @librarycongress will live tweet Dr. Conrad’s April 16th talk at the Library from 11:30-12:30 EST using the hashtag #LCCuriosity.  

If you have questions for Dr. Conrad we invite you to tweet them using #LCCuriosity.  We can’t promise that all questions will be answered live at the event, however we will write another post that will answer as many questions as reasonable in a follow up here on Inside Adams. If we use your question during the lecture, we’ll state your question you posed and it will be recorded as part of the webcast. Some questions may be consolidated for the purpose of streamlining answers.

The event is being digitally captured for later broadcast on the Library’s website and other media. To keep up to date on What’s New in Science (such as new webcasts or upcoming lectures) you can sign up for our RSS/ Email Subscription feed.


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  1. Can we post questions here too?

    • Yes, if you have a question you would like addressed by the lecturer and prefer to submit it here rather than on Twitter, submit it here as a comment prior to the 16th and we’ll add it to the questions we gather from Twitter. As I stated in the post I can’t promise where the questions will be answered either live at the event or in a follow up blog post here on Inside Adams.

  2. Tweet sound with thoughtful steps.see you the moon.thanks

  3. thank you

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