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A pastoral landscape of women, men and children picking hops

Early American Beer

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Today’s post is written by science librarian and culinary specialist Alison Kelly. She has provided her expertise in a number of Inside Adams blog posts related to food history and cooking. Alison is also a gardener and a horticulture subject specialist- she wrote  a post about Women in Horticulture that highlights a selection of books …

Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

Upcoming Lecture: Climate Change on Mars- The Case of the Missing Martian Atmosphere

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Several types of evidence from past Mars missions lead us to believe that Mars used to be much different from the dry, cold place we find today.  Ancient gullies and canyons look as if they were carved by flowing water, minerals that can only be made in standing water have been found, and ancient volcanoes …