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The Library’s Shop: I Cannot Live Without Gifts

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Adam's Owl Bookmark
Adam’s Owl Bookmark

The Library of Congress is an amazing and beautiful place to visit, conduct research, and work. When you walk through the doors you are engulfed in history, art, literature, architecture, and mythology. The Library of Congress shop offers visitors keepsakes and mementos from their visit, as well as themed gifts for the bibliophile and history buff.

My friends and family can attest that I tend to buy them presents from the Library’s shop and I especially like to buy items that directly relate to the building in which I work – the art deco-styled John Adams Building. We have highlighted many of the beautiful details found in Adams such as the grills and lobby lamps in our blog. You can find more images of the building’s decorative elements from the Library’s Carol Highsmith collection and read more about its art and architecture in our blog.

The Library’s shop features all sorts of items; from books to ties and from calendars to jewelry. This year they even have Magna Carta mugs! Since I am an avid and loyal shopper in the Library’s shop, I thought I would share some of the items I am especially fond of.

My colleagues and I adore the Adams fan earrings which are inspired by the art deco detail of the door and archway grill work on the ground floor. These earrings came out a few years ago and since have been marked down, so get them while they last!

John Adams Bobblehead
John Adams Bobblehead

Like bobbleheads? How about a John Adams bobblehead to add to your collection? The Library’s gift shop also sells other bobbleheads of notable figures from U.S. history such as Rosie the Riveter, Ronald Reagan, and Edgar Allen Poe.

We love owls at the Library. It is an ancient symbol of wisdom and knowledge, a perfect mascot for a library, home, or office. Various decorative representations of the owl can found throughout the Library’s Jefferson building and especially the Adams building. In 2010 one of the beloved Adams building owls became the Library’s Christmas ornament. Of course, everyone got the owl ornament for Christmas that year. It’s currently out of stock, but you can find more Library themed ornaments here. Also, the Adams Owl is available as a bookmark and pendant.

The Library’s gift shop has a lot more owl-themed gifts that are more whimsically inspired, such as an owl bracelet, a watch pendant, a coffee mug, a journal, a trinket box, a page marker, an e-reader cover, wind chimes, and, even Athenian owl cufflinks.

I have mentioned only a few of the trinkets, knick-knacks, curios, and baubles you can find at the Library’s shop. If you are looking for a special and unique present for a loved one, you might want to do some browsing and maybe discover the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

Happy Holidays!

Grille that appears above doors and in arches on ground floor. Library of Congress John Adams Building
Grille that appears above doors and in arches on ground floor. Library of Congress John Adams Building


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  1. cannot click thru–when click “add to cart” am informed store has been deleted

    • Darn technology, I am sorry that the online system isn’t working. It seems that our shop is updating its online store. Our shop recommends that “DURING THIS TIME, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLACE AN ORDER PLEASE PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE, MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY AT (888) 682-3557 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST”

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