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Archive: December 2015 (2 Posts)

Monkey Skin, Elephant’s Breath, and Kitten’s Ear: History of Color Naming

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

There is scarcely any subject that has so many practical and scientific aspects as the subject of color (Henry LeFavour, Elementary Color, 1895:p1) There are many ways to study color*. We can trace the history of color pigments, the development of color chemistry, the effect of color on our psyche, and the perception of color. …

Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

New Horizons: Journey to Pluto and Beyond, subject of Dec. 8 lecture

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Pluto has become one of our most favorite bodies in the solar system, perhaps gaining increased appreciation after it was demoted from a full-sized planet to dwarf planet in 2006 and thus decreasing our solar system planet count to eight planets. A significant portion of Pluto’s mass is icy material and so it is often referred …