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“Every Eatable Necessary to Complete New Year’s Dinner”

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Perth Amboy Evening News. 27 Dec. 1918. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

I hope everyone has done their food shopping for their New Year’s Day feasts. In 1918, the Perth Amboy Evening News was doing its part to help shoppers by running this advertisement on December 27th for the Perth Amboy City Market (owned and operated by Morris M. Shumsky and William P. Shumsky). It was designed to attract the attention of those looking for ingredients they needed for their New Year’s Day dishes.

They were advertising all the items one would expect, like pork and cabbage, as well as apples, butter, flour, and eggs for those making pies. They were also selling other items like spinach, Lima beans, other meats, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. There was a nice variety that should have satisfied the needs for many different food traditions—and “every item a bargain.”

What would you be seeking for your New Year’s dishes?

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