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Headshot of NASA Goddard Research Physical Scientist, Dr. George J. Huffman

“Rain and Snow, in Your Backyard and Around the Globe” with NASA Scientist Dr. George J. Huffman, May 9, 2023

Posted by: Sean Bryant

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the Science, Technology and Business Division will welcome NASA Goddard Scientist, Dr. George J. Huffman, to the Library’s Pickford Theater at 11:30AM to discuss NASA’s use of satellite and surface data to understand the processes that create precipitation and how the results can be applied to analyze floods, droughts, and global weather and climate patterns; manage freshwater supplies, provide microinsurance against weather disasters in developing countries, and aid in forecasting agricultural production and outbreaks of some diseases.

image shows a modern keboard

“There’ll always be a Q-W-E-R-T-Y.”

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

The typewriter, using the QWERTY keyboard, designed by Christopher Latham Sholes went into production in 1873 and was the format for all later typewriters. However, later inventors like August Dvorak, had their own ideas about the keyboard's layout.