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Banner image promotion for a Night at the Adams Building . The lettering is filled in to look like a starry night sky and one of the Adams' building owls is also pictured.

Celebrating 85 years of the John Adams Building

Photograph of the sculpted bronze doors three groups of two doors.

Cadmus and Ts’ang Chieh

Photograph of the sculpted bronze doors three groups of two doors.

Thoth and Hermes

Two women kneeling and one women standing in between actively using tools to repair metallic sides.

Closing the Gap: Unraveling Pay Inequities

man in a suit with a pointer stands to the left of a chart with the title UNITED STATES BUSINESS POPULATION with Thousands of Concerns along one axis and the years along the other with lines for New Enterprises, Total Discontinued, Total Listed Concerns

To Create a Temporary National Economic Committee

woman standing in a building doorway in a coat with a soft cap holding a book to her chest with her purse on her wrist

A “Jewell” in the Adams Building: Jewell Mazique

Card shows green lace; in the center is a boquet of flowers with a note and pencil laying upon it.

Selling Valentines

Image of a chart with a line graph dipping up and down and dollar signs

Business Collections Orientation February 28

parade float is designed like a cornucopia with an oversize paper Mache chef with hat and apron standing behind a paper Mache oversize white bull with a garland around its neck. Seven of the float riders dressed in white like a chef but masked wearing and are standing throwing Mardi Gras beads with the crowd n the foreground and background

Carnival Season and the Street Sweepers