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Red and white invitation for the Library's 2023 Cancer Moonshot program. The invitation includes title, date, and ada information.

Cancer Moonshot Panel Webinar will Discuss AI and Cancer on December 5

photo has three items along the top is a beaded choker featuring a stylized eagle bottom left is a lapel pin and ribbon the ribbon says "MEMBER UNITED FARM WORKS OF AMERICA AFL-CIO 1st Constitutional Convention September 21-23 1973 FRESNO California" the pin says United Farm Works of America AFL-CIO with the stylized eagle on the bottom right is a campaign type button featuring the same stylized eagle that says "bycott non-union lettuce"

New “This Month in Business History” Entries for United Farm Workers, César Chávez, and Dolores Huerta

Geyer's Stationer Vol 78, No 1,

Geyer’s: Businesses and “How they Face the World” (part 3)

Two men standing outside of the Library of Congress looking at a Ford vehicle.

Steering Through Automotive Industry Resources

Geyer's Stationer Vol 78, No 1,

Geyer’s: More than Just Paper, Pens, & Pencils (part 2)

part of the cover with the title Established 1874; Published Monthly

Cough Gum & Candy Day in the 1923 Confectioners Journal

Geyer's Stationer Vol 78, No 1,

Geyer’s: Everything a Stationer Needs (part 1)

Photo of a woman sitting in an office, smiling at the camera.

Five Questions: Georgette Green, Business Reference and Research Specialist

male figure on the left female figure on the right

Labors in Bronze