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Category: African American History

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James Johnston speaking about Yarrow Mamout on April 6

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

Curious about a portrait of “Old Yarrow” by James Alexander Simpson that hangs in the Peabody Room of Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown public library, James J. Johnston a journalist and attorney decided he wanted to know more and eventually ended up writing a book From Slave Ship to Harvard. The portrait “Old Yarrow” was of Yarrow …

the buildings shows signs for a soda fountain, Ray's Letter and Printing, and a show shine; three men are talking at the steps of the building

Tiny but Mighty: Mann’s 1904 Afro-American Business Directory

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

Business Reference is often asked for information about older or defunct businesses and finding any information can be challenging. But it is even harder to research businesses that were owned and operated by African Americans. While some business directory publishers may have denoted those businesses in some way, that wasn’t always the case. Recently I …