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Updated Beauty & Fashion Guides

Cora Collins Beauty Shop sign, Minneapolis, 1984. Minnesota John Margolies Roadside America photograph archive.

This is a second post about updates for Business Reference guides, and this post features guides for those studying the fashion industry  and beauty business.

I hope that both of them can help those doing research on the current state of the industry, but both also include resources for those wanting to look at the history of the respective industries. Included in the guides are trade and consumer journals, books on the history and people, handbooks, and databases the Library subscribes to that are good for research on industries. There are also links to various publishers, associations, appropriate government agencies, and even specialized research firms. While these guides aren’t exhaustive, we hope they provide enough guidance to be a good starting point for researchers.

Also of interest to our fashion and beauty industry researchers is another updated guide on the wedding “industry.” It is not a guide on how to plan a wedding, although we have included a few such sources as a way to track ascendant trends.  This guide is on an “industry” that is not really just one industry, but several industries – wedding gowns, bridal consultants, DJs, flowers, and catering.  It was developed and organized this way because there are people who research weddings as an industry and because doing the research on each of the component parts can involve similar strategies. There is a little on each component part- examining the difficulties of researching that topic, providing links and resources for the specific component parts, and listing sources that roll them together into one “industry” as a whole.

See our web page for a listing of all of our guides.

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Eleanor Lambert–Empress of Seventh Avenue

… [Eleanor Lambert] realized that the American fashion industry, along with the individual designers deserved to be treated as equals on the world stage. From that moment on, this idea would become her driving passion. (John Tiffany, Eleanor Lambert: Still Here,Pointed Leaf Press, c2011: p.19) On Thursday February 2, 2012 we are hosting a lecture with […]

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