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Updates for Our International Business Guides

World map, February 1992.

Business Reference staff have created several guides with an international focus.  In our current effort to update and migrate our guides, here are a few more that have been updated.

  • BREXIT: Sources of Information This guide was developed for those researching the hot topic in the UK and Europe – BREXIT.  There are a number of more introductory sources and books, but it also links to European news sources, UK government resources, and analysis.
  • BRICS: Sources of Information This was a guide developed for those wanting to research the business and economy for the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. There are books, recommended databases, articles, and Internet sources that are country specific, as well as other related material.
  • MINT: Sources of Economic Information Like the BRICS guide, it was developed to search a group of countries, in this case Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey. It also has books, recommended databases, articles, and Internet sources that are country specific, as well as other related material.
  • Researching Cuba: Business, Economy, and U.S. Relations The softening of relations between the U.S. and Cuba and the ensuing rush of tourists and business is what prompted this guide.  There is some history information for those who want to understand the economic relations, but many of the resources are for those that are looking to understand the modern, evolving nature of the economic relationship between the two countries.
  • U.S. Trade with China: Selected Resources This guide is a collection of print and electronic resources for those who are interested in the trade relationship between the U.S. and China.  There are general resources, of course, as well as statistics and other resources.
  • U.S. Trade Policy: A Research Guide This is a guide that can be helpful for anyone dipping their toes into trade policy.

See our web page for a listing of all of our guides.

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