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Cover illustration from The Ebony Cookbook: A Date with a Dish, 1962.

(Re)Discovering Freda De Knight and Her 1948 Cookbook, “A Date with a Dish”

Posted by: Nate Smith

Photograph of a bowl of yellow nance with fresh epazote. Photograph courtesy of Michelle Cadoree Bradley, Feb. 2023

My Favorite Pre-Hispanic Indigenous Foods

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Print showing a family preparing tamales in a large kitchen

Tamales and the Tamalada: a Christmas Tradition

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Photograph of Brian Jimenez at the National Mall, Fall 2022.

Five Questions, Intern Edition: Brian Jimenez 2022 Fall LOCI

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Black and White photograph of school girls carrying Aroostook potatoes on a stick in Presque, Maine,1947

Potatoes: Such an Exemplary Vegetable

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

Detail from illustration of maize, prickly pear, and other plants from Creation by Diego Rivera

Maya Foodways: Plant and Food Roles in Ancient Maya Society

Posted by: Nate Smith

Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

Caffeine: The Motivation Molecule

Posted by: Nate Smith

many people gathered around tables in evening dress to celebrate the New Year

A Toast to the New Year

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

Photograph of two homemade lemon pies with a bowl a lemons

When Life Gives You Lemon Pies: Consuming History through a Community Cookbook

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster