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Banner image promotion for a Night at the Adams Building . The lettering is filled in to look like a starry night sky and one of the Adams' building owls is also pictured.

Celebrating 85 years of the John Adams Building

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

In 1939, the Library of Congress opened a new building: the Library’s John Adams Building, which was originally called “The Annex.” In celebration of the 85th anniversary of the opening of the Adams Building to the public, the Science and Business Reading Room, on the fifth floor of Adams, is holding an open house on April 18, 2024, from 5:00- 8:00 p.m. “Live! At the Library: A Night at the Adams” invites guests to explore the reading room with tours, curated displays, and a scavenger hunt. Check out our post for a link to get tickets!

Nabu on the left facing right has big wings and is holding a scroll in his upraised right arm, Tahmurath on the right facing left hold lightning bolt that look like the are coming from the mouth of an alligator like animal

Nabu and Tahmurath in Bronze

Posted by: Ellen Terrell

The exterior bronze doors of the John Adams Building Building depict figures that brought learning, knowledge, and communication to the world. We have done individual posts on several already, but this post features two that are paired together – Nabu and Tahmurath. Nabu was the scribe for Marduk (often referred to as Bel), who was …