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Scientific illustration of seashells

The Conchologists: Searching for Seashells in 19th Century America

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

In the 19th century naturalists and enlightened amateurs in the U.S. cultivated an understanding of the natural world of this new country by documenting new and known varieties of plant and animal species. One of these scientific pursuits was conchology- the study and collection of marine, freshwater and terrestrial shells. The story of American conchology …

Silver stylized owl with radiant circles around its head, surrounded by a gold frame

Harry Houdini’s Rare Magic Books

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

The following is a guest post authored by Elizabeth Gettins, a┬áDigital Conversion Specialist for the Library’s ┬áRare Book and Special Collections (RBSC). She has worked on multiple RBSC digital collections through the years such as the Kraus Collection of Sir Francis Drake, the Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks and the Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana …