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Mendel to DNA Structure to Translational Medicine

The following is a guest blog post by Science Reference and Research Specialist Dr. Tomoko Steen. This week (November 7-8, 2013) the Library of Congress will celebrate the life of Gregor Johann Mendel, the discovery of DNA structure, and the discoveries in biology that are critically necessary for the advancement of clinical and translational medicine. Gregor […]

What’s Happening in Science Education

Have you ever wondered, “is it really possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk if it is hot enough?” or “why do pigeons bob their heads when they walk?” Answers to these and many other science questions can be found on the Library of Congress website Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science Facts from the Science […]

Our Place in the Universe

We are happy to report that the Library’s science lecture Our Place in the Universe – Cosmology from the Ancient Greeks to Today with astrobiologist Michelle Thaller will continue as scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 23rd at 11:30 a.m. in the Library’s Mary Pickford Theater of the James Madison Building. [Update 4/11/2014- The Our Place in […]

Five Questions (The Intern Edition): Camron T. Lee

This post features the Library’s ST&B 2013 junior fellow Camron T. Lee from Utah State University. 1. What is your background I was born and raised in Utah. After graduating high school, I spent two years living in Japan and developed a passion for Japanese language, culture, and history. Since returning to the States, I […]

The U.S. National Flag: A Standard of Design

Many of us associate July 4th, Independence Day, with barbecues, picnics and fireworks. But it is also the day when we proudly display the National Flag of the United States. We honor this day by flying Old Glory’s stars and stripes, draping our buildings with American Flag bunting, and outfitting our celebrations in red, white […]

Exotic Earths: Exploring Planets Around Other Stars

Are we alone in the Universe? That’s what we often wonder as we look up at the stars of the night sky. We may become particularly fascinated with this question after reading a great science fiction novel or watching a film that centers on the exploration of other planetary systems (e.g. The Star Trek franchise). […]

The Aeronauts

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to give a gallery talk in the Library’s Civil War in America Exhibit Hall about the role of technology. There were many technologies or tools in use or being developed at this time, such as the telegraph, ironclad steamships (e.g. Merrimack and Monitor), railroads, Minie balls, and medicine. However, the focus […]