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Pedaling Through History: A Look at Cycling Collections Across the Library of Congress

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

The Library’s curators and specialists are gearing up and pounding the pedals for an exciting tour of the Library’s collections related to the history of cycling for visiting historians of the International Cycling History Conference.  On Friday August 8, 2014 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. the Mumford Room, in the Library’s Madison Building, will be the hub …

Black and white drawing of three men playing hockey from the cover Spalding's How to Play Hockey

King of Winter Sports

Posted by: Jennifer Harbster

For the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Games I wrote about an exhibit I created of ‘classic’ winter sport and game books (1800-1950) in the post  He Shoots, He Scores: A Love of Winter Games. In this post I mentioned that the Library has been involved in digitization of its pre-1923 U.S. monograph imprint collection. Over the …