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One in a Septillion

While winter has not yet officially arrived, some of us have been given a taste of the season to come with cold temperatures, frigid winds, frost, ice, and even powdery snow. When I think of winter, I think of twinkling ice crystals falling from the sky and colliding to become intricate snowflakes. Each winter there […]

It’s Raining Pitchforks?!?

The phrase “it’s raining pitchforks” or “it’s raining stair-rods” to describe heavy rain never caught on, however, the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs” has become a popular way for us to describe a heavy downpour. Here in DC, and from a look at the satellite picture from weather.gov , the entire eastern seaboard is […]

Falling for Autumn

 Growing up in California I never got to truly celebrate the changing of the seasons on the grand scale. But now that I am on the East Coast, I get a first hand account of each season- from the cold and snow of winter, into the flowers of spring, followed by the heat of summer […]