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Creatures of the Night

Halloween is here and neighborhoods will be filled with magical, mysterious, and mystical creatures such as devils, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, witches, and vampires. We will also see plenty of bats displayed in homes, windows, and yards. On this holiday of the supernatural, the bat (Order Chiroptera) is a real-life creature of the night which may […]

Stumbled Upon In The Stacks, Or The Chimp In My Office

Our guest author today is Michelle Cadoree Bradley, Science Reference Specialist.  Michelle entered the Library of Congress as part of the Library of Congress Intern Program (1989-90).  After completing her internship she joined the then Science and Technology Division.  She holds a master’s in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University School of Library and […]

A Sight to Behold: Migration of the Monarchs

All over the world there are animals on the move.  Animals move for various reasons–some move to get to food or water, some move for breeding, and some move to avoid cold temperatures in the winter. Certain species of animals are deemed migratory–basically they move seasonally from one region to another. One of the most […]