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Our guest author today is Ellen Terrell, Business Reference Specialist. A perennial question for Business Reference staff is about old companies and businesses. And by old I mean from the 1890’s (or earlier!) not necessarily the 1990’s. One of our go-to sets is the old Mercantile Agency Reference books that developed into Dun & Bradstreet […]

Women in Horticulture

Today’s post is written by science reference librarian and gardener, Alison Kelly. With the forsythia in bloom once again it seems like a good time to reconsider Beatrix Farrand and some of the other women who have played an important role in horticulture. Farrand, who was the only woman founding member of the American Society […]

Favorites From the Fifth Floor

Occasionally when visiting the stacks we run across something that we find particularly interesting either from a content or historical perspective.  Shortly after my arrival here at the Library, I found such an item! Published in 1883 the book The Secrets of Success In Business claims to “show completely and practically how business is done, […]

Cherry Blossom Time

The National Park Service reported that the Washington Tidal Basin cherry blossoms reached their peak this year on March 31.  This is when at least 70 per cent of the blossoms are open.  But for those of you who haven’t visited yet, do not be discouraged–the flowers will continue to show off their radiant beauty […]