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We Shall Keep the Faith

Have you noticed people wearing the paper red poppies that veterans sell each Memorial Day? This tradition can be traced back to Miss Moina Michael of Athens, Georgia.  She had the inspiration on November 9, 1918 to make the red poppy (Papaver rhoeas) the symbol of remembrance for the sacrifices of fallen soldiers during World War I. Her […]

Career Assistance across the States!

In these tough economic times, many U.S. states and the Federal government have pulled together a number of great resources for their residents to use in getting career help.  In an effort to help get the word out, we have begun an effort to compile websites in the areas of general resources, resume help, job […]

1876 Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia

Our guest author today is Gulnar Nagashybayeva, Business Reference Specialist, with another “Favorite from the Fifth Floor.” May 10, 1876 was the opening date of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia where industrial exhibits of 37 nations were displayed in over 250 pavilions for six months until its formal closure on November 10, 1876. It was […]