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photo two men sitting at table with microphones

Conveyances: Poet Salgado Maranhão and Translator Alexis Levitin Join the PALABRA Archive

Afghanistan Reflected in the Collections at the Library of Congress

Two pages of Braj book with illustrations on both pages showing Hindu god Krishna and other figures captioned with text in Devanagari script.

Now Online: South Asian Digital Collection

Collage featuring four black and white images, including an animal skeleton, a group of musicians, a mountainous landscape, and a large stela, with the text: Handbook of Latin American Studies

HLAS Online Retired; HLAS Web (still) Available

A wooden ship with sails and a steam-powered paddle wheel.

Now Online: Pacific Encounters in Nineteenth-Century Japan

Black and white photo of Chilean Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda recording for the Library of Congress in 1966. The poet is sitting in a recording booth in front of a microphone and holding his book. The photo is from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The PALABRA Archive in the Classroom

A mural depicting priests interacting with Indigenous women and children while men row boats in the distance.

Cosmovisions: The Impacts of Kotiria Culture on a Library of Congress Intern

Black and white collage - portrait photos of Mexican authors: Elena Poniatowska, Esther Seligson, Carmen Boullosa, Inés Arredondo, and Cristina Rivera Garza

Mexican Women in the PALABRA Archive

Manuscript text with picture of battling knights in armor

Discovering Worlds Old and New with Medieval French