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Celebrating the Library’s 220th Anniversary with Open Access Digital Gifts from the International Collections

To honor the Library’s 220th anniversary, this blog looks at some freely accessible digital collections and projects from four divisions: African & Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Hispanic.

Homage to Heroes

We have so many heroes to be thankful for in these days of the pandemic! April is also National Poetry Month, so thoughts of heroic deeds bring to mind epic poetry and heroes of legend. This post looks at three epic poems from thousands of years ago: the journey of Gilgamesh to find immortality, the […]

Digging up the Truth: Studying Ancient West Mexican House Models

(This is a guest post by Bianca Poma, a 2020 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Archaeological Research Fellow at the Library of Congress. The post originally appeared on the Worlds Revealed Blog.)  Since the moment I could carry on a well phrased conversation, I have always been curious by nature and have asked a lot […]