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Archive: July 2021 (2 Posts)

Color print showing several columns of unformed troops in red and blue in Union Square, mounted officers in foreground, surrounded by French and American flags flying and flanked by crowds of onlookers

The Franco-American Revolution – Part 2

Posted by: Taru Spiegel

This blogpost looks at the important French role in the American Revolution. Part 2 focuses on the French land and naval forces that assisted the U.S. in combating the British military. French ships engaged British vessels almost immediately after Britain declared war on France in March of 1778.

Large metal hollow globe on a metal frame with metal orbit trails surrounding it

International Reading Rooms Open for Researcher Appointments Starting July 12, 2021

Posted by: Taru Spiegel

Starting July 12, the Library will reopen four additional reading rooms – African & Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Hispanic – for a limited number of registered readers by appointment only. This blog will guide you through the process of making advance appointments.