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From The Library of Suzanne Karpel├Ęs: Jewels of Early Cambodian Buddhist Printing and Modernist Khmer and Pali Manuscripts

Posted by: Ryan Wolfson-Ford

Suzanne Karpel├Ęs lived a fascinating life of a scholar of Pali, Khmer, Thai, Tibetan, and Sanskrit, at a time when being an Indologist was a male dominated field, making a major impact on academic knowledge of Cambodian Buddhism, among other subjects. Her personal library is full of wonderful treasures from the early days of Western printing of Cambodian Buddhist works and rare Khmer manuscripts like the Reamker, the Cambodian version of the epic Hindu tale, the Ramayana. One can still access her unique library at the Library of Congress where it has found a home with the Southeast Asian Rare Book Collection in the Asian Reading Room.