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Manuscript text with picture of battling knights in armor

Discovering Worlds Old and New with Medieval French

Large metal hollow globe on a metal frame with metal orbit trails surrounding it

Aztec Mythology and the Love of Reading Rooms

Blake Robinson recordings of Somali music and poetry

Celebrating Lunar New Year with the Library of Congress’s Collections

Preserving a 300-Year-Old Decorated Jewish Marriage Contract

Red Christmas card with details of white flowers in a vase and a red bird on green plants, from Tan Xiangjin at the National Library of China, Beijing, 1979.

Intern Spotlight: Without Borders: Warren M. Tsuneishi’s World of Knowledge

Like the Moon Surrounded by Stars: Classic Poetry from South Asia in the Library’s Collections

Travesía de Palabras Indígenas entre México y el Archivo de la PALABRA

Journey of Indigenous Words between Mexico and the PALABRA Archive