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A wooden ship with sails and a steam-powered paddle wheel.

Now Online: Pacific Encounters in Nineteenth-Century Japan

Posted by: Cameron Penwell

(The following post is by Cameron Penwell, Japanese Reference Specialist, Asian Division.) On March 31, 1854, the signing of the US-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity marked the beginning of official relations between the United States and Japan. In connection with the 170th anniversary of this historical event, the Library of Congress has launched a …

Celebrating Lunar New Year with the Library of Congress’s Collections

Posted by: Ryan Wolfson-Ford

(This post is a cross-post written by Dianne Choie, Educational Programs Specialist at the Library of Congress. It originally appeared on the blog Minerva’s Kaleidoscope.) You may have counted down to midnight on December 31st to ring in 2024, but did you know that in some parts of the world, February 10th marks the beginning …

A yellow book cover with Chinese writing in the upper left corner.

Yongle Encyclopedia Volumes Fully Digitized

Posted by: Cameron Penwell

The Yongle Encyclopedia (Yongle dadian), completed in 1408, was premodern China's, and perhaps the world's, largest reference work. The Library of Congress holds 41 unique volumes, which have been fully digitized and made available online. This post traces the compilation, transmission, near loss, and contemporary preservation of this momentous work. We invite book-lovers to enjoy in high resolution its exquisite calligraphy and illustrations.

Collection of Wartime Messages from China to the American People (1943-1945) and Other Materials at the Asian Division, Library of Congress

Posted by: Ryan Wolfson-Ford

This blog post highlights the Library of Congress Asian Division’s “Collection of Wartime Messages from China to the American People (1943-1945) and Other Materials.” The collection is made up of items related to the Second Sino-Japanese War, among which are 2,100 rarely seen hand-written letters, booklets, and scrolls in Chinese that were created in wartime China.