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Finding and Sharing Eastern European Voices

Posted by: Suzanne Schadl

This is a question-and-answer guest post by Irene Madrigal — a Brooklyn native in her senior year at Barnard College in New York City where she studies English, History, and Spanish. Irene was selected for an internship in the Latin American, Caribbean, and European Division (LACE) through The Washington Center (TWC). When she’s not watching …

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Pride and Belonging: A Journey to Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore in the European Reading Room

Posted by: Suzanne Schadl

This is question and answer guest post by Adelaide Willis — an intern in the European Reading Room. In honor of Pride Month, Adelaide wanted to share what brought Adelaide to the French language, the European Reading Room and an appreciation for the creative genius of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, a romantic pair of …

Celebrating Greenland’s National Day at the Library of Congress

Posted by: David Morris

The following post is by Troy Smith, Nordic Area Reference Librarian in the European Reading Room of the Latin American, Caribbean and European Division Today is Greenland’s National Day. The holiday takes place on June 21 because that is the summer solstice, or the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. In Nuuk, Greenland’s capital city, …

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Mikis Theodorakis’ Musical Scores at the Library of Congress: A Tribute to a Greek Musical Giant

Posted by: David Morris

(The following post is by Nevila Pahumi, Reference Librarian in Modern Greek and Albanian, European Reading Room) “I am a song of my own time. I wasn’t living in Vienna like Mozart or Beethoven. In my circumstances, it was impossible to be indifferent.” —Mikis Theodorakis, interview with the Chicago Tribune, May 26, 1994 One year …