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A Tribute to Community and Chicano Writer Rudolfo Anaya

A celebration of the life of Rudolfo Anaya (1937-2020), author of the 1972 book, “Bless Me, Ultima” and many other stories that honored New Mexico and Chicano Culture. The voice of this National Humanities Medal recipient resonates far beyond New Mexico and may also be found in the PALABRA Archive at the Library of Congress.

Digging up the Truth: Studying Ancient West Mexican House Models

(This is a guest post by Bianca Poma, a 2020 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Archaeological Research Fellow at the Library of Congress. The post originally appeared on the Worlds Revealed Blog.)  Since the moment I could carry on a well phrased conversation, I have always been curious by nature and have asked a lot […]

Herencia y el patrimonio cultural: La importancia del trabajo comunitario en los servicios de la División Hispánica

[Haz clic aquí para versión en inglés] La División Hispánica apoya con entusiasmo la nueva campaña de crowdsourcing de La Biblioteca Jurídica del Congreso y By the People (BTP): #Herencia: una iniciativa cuyo propósito será mejorar el acceso a la importante colección de documentos jurídicos españoles de la Biblioteca del Congreso. Este es el primer proyecto […]

Herencia and Cultural Patrimony: The importance of community work in Hispanic Division Services

[Haz clic aquí para la versión en español] The Hispanic Division is excited to support the Law Library of Congress and By the People (BTP) in their invitation to improve access to a collection of Spanish Legal Documents. The Herencia BTP crowdsource campaign is the first at the Library of Congress to focus on Spanish, […]