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Meet the 2015 Kluge Fellows

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We at the Kluge Center are very pleased to announce our 2015 Kluge Fellows and their research projects. This diverse group of scholars hails from institutions across the U.S. and includes one scholar from Seoul, South Korea. They represent the fields of law, international affairs, sociology, folklore and ethnography and various sub-disciplines of history, including American history, political history, South Asian history, medieval history, European studies, and the history of slavery in the Atlantic world. All Fellows have received a terminal advanced degree within the past seven years in the humanities, social sciences or in a professional field such as architecture or law, as per the eligibility requirements for the Fellowship.

The 2015 Kluge Fellows are:

Catherine Adcock
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Washington University in Saint Louis, “Cattle Wealth and Cow Protection: Dharma, Development and the Secular State in India.”

Sarah Cameron
Kluge Fellow, 2015, University of Maryland, “The Hungary Steppe”

Danille Christensen
Kluge Fellow, 2015, The Ohio State University, “Freedom from Want: Home Canning in the American Imagination (1875-2014).”

Theodore Christov
Kluge Fellow, 2015, The George Washington University, “The Early American Republic and Origins of International Law.”

Andrew Devereux
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Loyola Marymount University, “The Other Side of Empire: The Mediterranean and the Origins of a Spanish Imperial Ideology, 1479-1535.”

Anna von der Goltz
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Georgetown University, “The Other Side of “1968”: Activism of the Center-right in West Germany’s Age of Campus Protest.”

Taja-Nia Henderson
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Rutgers University, “Framing Treason: Disqualification, Reconciliation and Memory in Reconstruction-Era America.”

Sheryl Kaskowitz
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Brown University, “Sidney Robertson Cowell, Public Folk Music Collecting and American Identity.”

Dara Orenstein
Kluge Fellow, 2015, The George Washington University, “Offshore Onshore: A History of the Free Zone on U.S. Soil.”

Jeong-Mi Park
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Hanyang University, “The Toleration-Regulation Regime: A Comparative Historical Sociology of Prostitution Policies in Northeast Asia after WWII.”

Daniel Rood
Kluge Fellow, 2015, University of Georgia, “The Reinvention of Atlantic Slavery: Circuits of Techo-Science in the Greater Caribbean, 1830-1860.”

Michael Sizer
Kluge Fellow, 2015, Maryland Institute College of Art, “Public Opinion in Late Medieval Paris, 1380-1422.”

This year’s appointed Fellows will be in residence at the Kluge Center at various points over the next year and a half. The Fellows will conduct residential research in the Library of Congress collections and participate in the intellectual life of the Library and Washington, D.C.

For more information about Kluge Fellowships, click here.

For a complete list of current and former scholars at the Kluge Center, visit our website.

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