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War and Superheroes: How the Writer’s War Board Used Comics to Spread its Message in WWII

Historian Paul Hirsch was a Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation Fellow for Caricature and Cartoon at The John W. Kluge Center in summer 2015. His research explored the intersection of visual culture, race, policymaking, and diplomacy from World War II through the post-Cold War period. Paul, your work investigates the convergence of comic book publishing […]

Michael Sandel at the Library of Congress

You’re sitting on a trolley car, careening down a train track. There are five men ahead working on the track and you will kill them all if you proceed. You can’t stop, but what you can do is veer off onto a separate track and kill only one man instead of five. Do you do […]

Expanding the Astrobiology Conversation

This year’s Blumberg Dialogues on Astrobiology expanded the conversations around astrobiology to include philosophers, historians, religion scholars, literature scholars, communications scholars and professors of English and theater, in addition to scientists. The videos of these public dialogues are now available on our website and YouTube; the dialogues were part of the Kluge Center’s Baruch S. […]

Marking Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close today, October 15. There are many ways to recognize the importance of Hispanic and Latin American peoples to world culture. One of the ways the Kluge Center recognizes that presence is through the Jay I. Kislak Fellowships for the Study of the History and Cultures of the […]

Examining Armenian History in the Library of Congress Collections

Earlier this year, Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari spent five months at the Kluge Center researching the photographs and memories of Armenians during the First World War. Currently in the third year of her Ph.D. at University of the Arts London, Saraidari’s project, titled “The Materiality of Photography and the Memory of the Armenian Genocide,” documents the […]

Religious Practice in America and Around the World: A Conversation With Mark Noll

Members of the Library of Congress Scholars Council are appointed by the Librarian of Congress to advise on matters related to scholarship at the Library, with special attention to the Kluge Center and the Kluge Prize. The Council includes distinguished scholars, writers, researchers, and scientists. “Insights” is featuring some of the work of this highly-accomplished […]

All the Winners of the Library of Congress Kluge Prize

On Tuesday, September 29th, the Library of Congress will once again confer the Kluge Prize upon two individuals whose outstanding scholarship in the humanities and social sciences has shaped both public affairs and civil society. Here’s a look at all the recipients of the Kluge Prize, past and present… Leszek Kolakowski Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski […]