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February 2019 Arrivals at Kluge

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February 2019 is here, and the State of the Kluge Center is strong. This month, in addition to 16 interns, the Kluge Center welcomed several new scholars into residence. Here are the projects they will be working on:

Robin Bates, an incoming Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow, arrived from the University of Cambridge. During his residency, Robin will focus on his project, “Politics and Civil War Veterans’ Pensions in Gilded Age America, c. 1878-1900.” While in residence, Robin will explore the papers of presidents Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, and William McKinley. He hopes to advance his work on considering the role of the executive branch in influencing policy decisions and offering a fresh perspective on the growth of the central government.

Elizabeth Chant, a second incoming Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow, arrived from University College London. During her residency, Elizabeth will conduct research on “Mapping Patagonia: Contested Cartographies 1520-Present.” While in residence, Elizabeth will utilize materials from the Luso-Hispanic World in Maps collection, as well as the complete collection of atlases of Argentina produced by the Institute of Military Geography, in addition to a wide variety of other maps and related sources. She hopes to shed new light on uncatalogued material, and to use these materials to demonstrate how current understanding of Patagonia is shaped by the lore of the past.

Juliet Conway, our third incoming Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow, arrived from the University of Edinburgh. During her residency, Juliet will research “From Flirt to Flapper: Re-examining the Flirt Figure in American Fiction From 1868-1928.” While in residence, Juliet will study items found in the Children’s Literature Center. She hopes to accumulate the necessary research to write the fifth chapter of her thesis, which addresses how children’s fiction from the period promotes moral warnings aimed at young female readers against flirtatiousness.

Carsten Junker, our incoming German Federal Fellow, arrived from Leipzig University. During his residency, Carsten will concentrate on “Collaborative Authorship in U.S. American Culture.” While in residence, Carsten will search through the Library’s holdings under the subject headings of “co-authorship” and “collaborative authorship.” He hopes use his time at the Kluge Center to contribute to a re-evaluation of authorship with collaborative authorship as a foundational analytical category of literary and cultural studies.

Lisa Kaziankia, a fourth incoming Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow, arrived from the University of Cambridge. During her residency, Lisa will work on her project, “Tradition & Transformation: Chivalric Ideals & Masculinity(ies) in British & American Arthurian Narratives for Middle Grade and YA Reader.” While in residence, Lisa will use works within the Children’s Literature Center, as well as other sources in Rare Books and Special Collections. She hopes to use the time here at the Kluge Center to figure out how to preserve the Arthurian legend as literary and cultural heritage, and rewrite parts of it to interrogate its core ideology and central values.

Check back next month for more arriving scholars. Click here for the full list of scholars currently in residence.

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