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Applications Now Open for Kluge Fellowships

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Applications are now open for Kluge Fellowships at the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.

Twelve Kluge Fellowships are awarded each year through a competitive selection process. Kluge Fellowships are offered for a period of four to eleven months.

Since the inception of the Kluge Center, dozens of Kluge Fellows have gone on to distinguished academic careers; many have made lasting contributions as public intellectuals. Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research is particularly welcome in the Kluge Fellowship program. The fellowship is open to scholars in the humanities and social sciences with special consideration given to those whose projects demonstrate relevance to contemporary challenges.

Apply here. And check the fellowship requirements and eligibility information here.

The application deadline is currently set for July 15. Please email [email protected] if you are applying for this fellowship and having trouble meeting the deadline due to the crisis surrounding the covid-19 epidemic. Kluge staff will be in touch with you.



  1. I see no justification for limiting research only to degree-holders within the past 7 years. Unduly restrictive.
    I see no justification for classifying research as relevant to current concerns. Anti-inteellectual predisposition politicizes pure research

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