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Welcoming Our New Cohort of Fellows for September 2021

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While the Library of Congress is not fully open to the public, at this time we are able to bring Kluge scholars into residence to make use of the collections. As such, we are pleased to welcome a new cohort of Fellows starting this September. A subsequent blog will detail the arriving Chairs. In all, nine new fellows will begin their work at the Kluge Center, representing a range of institutions and disciplines. Get to know a little about who they are and what projects they are working on below.

Bethany Albertson, a Visiting Scholar from the University of Texas at Austin, will work on “Fragile Democracy: The Breadth and Frailty of American Support for Electoral Power.”

Hannah Cutting-Jones, a J. Franklin Jameson Fellow in American History, will arrive from the University of Oregon to pursue her project, “Protein Wars: The Fight Over Our Favorite Nutrient.”

Subah Dayal, a Kluge Fellow from New York University, will research “The Household State: Family and Empire in the Early Modern Indian Ocean.”

Megan Eardley, a SHOT/NASA Fellow, will arrive from Princeton University to work on “Ultra/Deep Space: Planetary Planning from South Africa’s Mines to NASA’s Skylab.”

Giulia Garbagni, a British Research Council Fellow from the University of Cambridge, will work on “An Extra-Institutional Diplomatic History of Japan: Tokyo’s Envoy Diplomacy in the Early Postwar Period.”

Joshua Lauer, a Digital Studies Fellow from the University of New Hampshire, will be researching “The Telephone in America: A Cultural History of Instant Connection.”

Caroline Riley, a Kluge Fellow from the Smithsonian Institution, will pursue the project “Therese Bonney Photography: The Intermedial Syndication of Art, the Body, and War from 1920 to 1970.”

Kluge Fellow Ariel Ron from Southern Methodist University will work on “The Great Government Giveaway: The Land-Grant Era in American History.”

Sara Rahnama, a Kluge Fellow from Morgan State University, will work on the project “The Future as Female: Debates about Women in Interwar Algeria.”



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