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Sweeping view from the floor of a great room, looking upwards past marble columns and arches to a grand golden-colored dome

Chair in Technology and Society Ainissa Ramirez on Why Everyone Deserves a Chance to Find Science Fascinating

Posted by: Andrew Breiner

This is a guest post by Kluge Center Chair in Technology and Society Ainissa Ramirez. Ramirez is an award-winning scientist and science communicator, who is dedicated to making science engaging and meaningful to the general public. A graduate of Brown University, she received her doctorate in materials science from Stanford University. She began her career …

Weather Control, Vichy France, and Early America: A Summer of Research as a Kluge Center Intern

Posted by: Andrew Breiner

Rena Gabber was a Kluge Center intern, where she worked with PhD candidates Adelaide Mandeville of Harvard University and Dan Baker of Cardiff University, as well as Kluge Center Director Kevin Butterfield. Gabber is a senior at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service in International Politics. …