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Category: Visual & Performing Arts

The Materiality of Thought (or How to Read Minds for Fun and Profit)

Posted by: Andrew Breiner

This is a guest post by Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellow Stuart Nolan, of Lancaster University in the UK. His research at the Kluge Center looks at the influence of New Thought on theatrical mentalism. Reading through the scrapbook of newspaper reports of the public appearances of the thought-reader John Randall Brown, in the …

A Movie Mystery at the Kluge Center

Posted by: Sophia Zahner

It started with a sneeze, or so we thought. Since the 1950s, film historians counted “The Sneeze” from 1894 as the earliest surviving film copyrighted in the United States. At this time, the film began being shown as a motion picture after being copied back to film from a photograph. Claudy Op den Kamp, a …